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Welcome To BitcOwn

A Powerful AdNetwork & Cycler, Powered By People

Launched With ♥ On : 10.Oct.2017

How It Works

BitcOwn is a marketing system introduced by ABSolutions Team based on a single line cycler and crowdfunding, with its unique goals and cycling feature, you can earn endlessly by only reffering others to the system.

All you need is A Bitcoin address to get your payments And a spare 0.0015 to upgrade your account (Upgrade is valid for 30days).

You can earn by Inviting new members and earning 50% from their upgrades, plus a faucet for a cashback possibility.

Your upgrade will be used in activating the account and advertising feature and paying 50% to your upline, the other part will be used to fund our next projects, faucets.

You will get 1 ad credit when you upgrade you account, and extra 1 for every active referral.

Every ad will last until we reach our next cycle, you will get unlimited impressions and clicks for every active ad.

We offer a faucet from which you can earn from 1000 up to 10000 satoshi daily for a chance to get back your upgrade cost 2x (not guaranteed).

Withdrawals limits are : 0.001 minimum payment, there is no maximum or limits on how many withdrawals you perfom daily, there is a small fee from each payment (~20k satoshi).

Every payment proof in our facebook group will grant you a 10k satoshi bonus.

Note : BitcOwn is not a free service and is not a faucet by itslef (though it contains a faucet), in order to advertise and request withdrawals you need to upgrade your account.

If you are a free member, you will not be able to use the faucet once you reach 0.001. Join our facebook group to learn more.

Terms Of Service

By using Bitcoin you agree that you will follow the simple rules below :

1. You need to know at least the basics about Bitcoin.
2. Every member can have ONLY one account, all related accounts will be banned if we find multiple signups.
3. All upgrades are considered as donations plus an ad purchase, no refund will be provided whatsoever.
4. Join only if you have the upgrade cost as a spare money or want to advertise.
5. Use a permanent bitcoin address, you can't change it later.
6. Ads are served by our members, take full responsibility when you interact with 3rd party websites.
7. We accept only "Money Making" related websites, trying to advertise "pornography, violance, drugs and medicines, weapons or any NSFW" will get your account banned.
8. No earnings are guaranteed, it all depends on your sole efforts in marketing.
9. Don't abuse the system in any way.
10. the system will be reseted after each goal and the goals will increase after every cycle.
11. there is a small fee from each payment (~20k satoshi).
12. Upgrades are processed via Cryptonator, which is not affiliated with ABSolutions in any way.
13. BitcOwn.com reserves the right to update, modify, add or change the terms and conditions or any other feature with/without notice.

If you don't agree with our terms please don't use our services.

© BitcOwn - All rights reserved.
An ABSolutions Project. 2017